The Place

Home to a number of full time residents and over 80 creative businesses,TAXI is a mixed-use community rife with inspiration. Our campus, which is still expanding, is made up of six buildings and amenities, including a fitness center, cafe, coffee shop, salon, early childhood education center, outdoor cinema, one-of-a kind pool and community garden, which are designed to keep our community connected.

The Location

Our gritty, urban location may seem off the beaten path, but what was once the heart of Denver's industry has transformed a former industrial site into the heart of Denver's vibrant RiNo Art District and is burgeoning with growth. Our location is strategically placed in between Denver's major thoroughfares and the Platte River, connecting us to downtown and surrounding areas. 

The Vision

TAXI was the brainchild of Mickey Zeppelin and his son Kyle, who saw a need to create a community that fostered the use of creative spaces for the new workforce. The campus has become a catalyst for collaboration and communication amongst businesses, residences and the community, making it more than a place to live or work, but something that is truly unique. 



3455 Ringsby Ct.
Unit 102

Denver, CO 80216


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